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Agility, CGC Preparation & Testing, Conformation
Obedience, Puppy Kindergarten & Rally

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Think of Agility as an obstacle course for dogs. The course consists of jumps and obstacles that the dogs are taught to negotiate safely. Obstacles include the tire jump, the A-frame, the dog walk, the teeter totter, the weave poles, and the pause table. Not only is it fun to compete in Agility, but it is another avenue of training for both you and your dog.

Beginning Agility: This is an 8 week class which safely introduces you and your dog to the AKC obstacles and short sequences. This may be taken as a prelude to competition or just for fun.

Intermediate Agility: This is an 8 week class for dogs who have had one or more beginner classes and are relatively comfortable with all the obstacles. As the dogs progress through the training, they improve their timing and skills on all the obstacles, and their owners improve their timing and handling skills. Longer obstacle sequences are introduced.

Drop-In Agility: Different drills or courses to run each week.

CGC Preparation & Testing

The Canine Good Citizen Test is a test in which the dog demonstrates his skill in exercises such as come, walk on loose leash, sit and stay. The 4 week class will concentrate on the specific exercises your dog must perform in order to pass. This AKC supported program is open to both mixed and purebred dogs. The evaluation is included on week four.


Learn and understand the basics, as the Conformation instruction prepares both the handler and dog to compete successfully in the show ring at licensed dog shows. Basic ring procedures are taught with the emphasis on making the best presentation possible

Handling is a process of trial and error and a lot of practice! A conformation class will allow you to work on proper stacking, gaiting and presentation of your dog in the show ring.

Conformation Classes are available to dogs of all ages, puppy through adult, as well as the junior handler who is interested in exhibiting their own dog in the breed ring as well as in Junior Showmanship competition


Obedience training is for everyone and every dog - from the casual pet owner to the serious exhibitor. We use reward based positive reinforcement to train the dogs.

Beginning Obedience: This 7 week program covers basic control, attention, leadership techniques and exercises. We work on sit, down, stay, along with reliable recalls and walking politely on a leash. Manners (jumping on people, barking, etc) and behavioral issues are addressed as needed.

Advanced Beginning: This next step of training continues with additional challenges. This 7 week course introduces formal heeling, figure eights, the stand for exam, distance recalls and longer stays.

Drop-In Obedience: Work at your own pace on our mats. Mirrors, distractions and group stays help prepare you and your dog for competition.

Puppy Kindergarten

Don't believe the old cliché which advises waiting until your dog is six months or a year old before starting to train him!

Our four-week class is for dogs 8 to 20 weeks old (pup must have had his initial Distemper/Parvo vaccine no less than 10 days prior to the first class.

This class will cover age specific issues such as potty training, desensitization to sights and sounds, mouthing, bite inhibition and jumping up as well as beginning work on control commands including “sit”, “down”, “stand” and “come”. We will discuss what to expect in different stages of canine development.

Family members are invited to come, (human pack is limited to 4 and they must be old enough to sit quietly for the hour!). Training will be done as a family unit. Free play, the best part for your pup, is included at the end.


Rally is the newest AKC dog sport. It is great for senior dogs who no longer show but still like to work, or for dogs/people that don't know if they would like traditional obedience, or just for having wonderful quality time with your dog.

Rally Obedience is a timed course using directional signs to guide the handler. The dog and handler team run through a "Rally " course made up of between ten and twenty different "stations". Signs posted at each station indicate what the team is required to do - the signs will instruct teams to go fast or slow, to halt (dog must sit at heel), to make turns and circles, to reverse direction, to do a sit-stay-recall, or other basic obedience exercises.

One of the exceptional features of Rally is that handlers may talk to their dogs, giving them praise, encouragement, or give repeated commands or hand signals. Rally emphasizes fun and excitement.

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